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Litter 2015b: Maya x Jerzan

Puppies are born on August the 10th. Three boys and three girls
The development of the puppies can be seen via the links below:
Birth        Week 1       Week 2       Week 3       Week 4       Week 5       Week 6       Week 7       Week 8       and Goodbye puppies!

shortcoated 19u30
330 gram
collar blue
Norwegian name. Meaning: the spear's peak
260 gram
collar red
French name. Meaning: ocean
female longcoated
335 gram
collar yellow
Russian name. Meaning: rich, blessed
female longcoated 21u30
260 gram
collar brown
Hawaiian name. Meaning: sent from heaven
shortcoated 22u00
300 gram
collar green
Friesian name. Meaning: the generous
male longcoated
200 gram
collar light blue
Arabian name. Meaning: bloom


       Mother: Maya                                                                     Father: Jerzan

    HD A1, ED Free (tested in the Netherlands)                  HD B1, ED Free (tested in Belgium)

               MDR1 free, DM Free, MH Free                             MDR1 Free, Dilution Free, DNA registered

                        Behaviouraltest NL                                     Behaviouraltest Belgium, Licence Obedience

Combinations are made in such a way that pups will garanteed NOT suffer from MDR1 or DM!

Pedigree of the puppies:

Cysgod Arian Gerikesa Dazzler at Jasem

White Wolf O'Connor
Oslo Princess

Aldermaston Eire Wen Chazlaws Cheyenne Brave at Trezven
Jerzan Chien de la Prolingée

Venus in White Fur at Aldermaston

Ido Diablo of the White Wolves Home Roy van Hiemrod

Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée
Betty Boop of the White Wolves Home

Jazoux Chien de la Prolingée Einstein-Tyson vom Sutumer Grund

Happy Kimba the Lovely White Sheperd (Jizzah)

Tracker du Bois des Ternes
Zack de Vi Pasay

Cherokee Baltic Beauty du Bois des Ternes

Selva de la Cour

Dakota van Hiemrod
Domingo vom Sutumer Grund
Sunnantorps Maya Mansken

Umayka van Hiemrod

Alpinarc Attention Seeka
Kyanjuwa White Kayne

Neigepearl Compulsive Desire

Surefire My Oh Myah von Owen

Neigepearl Vital Obsession
Whitepearl Caro

White Buffalo Cheyenne

Puppies always come with buyers contract, European passport, FCI pedigree, report of the puppycharactertest, puppy-surprise-bag and life long support. They have received multiple dewormings, first vaccination and chip.
Contact us for more information:  +316 2526 4822

Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page: Puppies of the K-litter 2011