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Litter 2015a: Jairha x Ross

The proud parents:

Jairha (Awedistra's Jairha de la Prolingée)                  x                      Ross (Gilas Born in the USA)            

Awedistra's Jairha de la Prolingée                                                            Gilas Born in the USA
       Date of birth: 05-6-2011                                                              
Date of birth: 2-10-2008
                         HD: B1 (tested in Belgium)                                          HD: 8 (below the breed average of 18, tested in the UK)
 ED: Free                                                                                                 DM: Free
                MDR1: Free,
DNA registered                                                                      DNA registered                          

The pups of Jairha and Ross were born on February the 19th 2015! 3 Males and 3 females.
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The kennelclub is obligating that the names of pups born in this year begin with an O. The name-theme with this litter is 'International names with a meaning'.
In order of birth:

430 gram
collar green
Schotish name. Meaning: the unknown
male 17u00
670 gram
collar white
Italian name. Meaning: dark as night
male 18u30
600 gram
collar blue
Polish name. Masculine form of Olene. Meaning: protector of mankind
female 19u00
520 gram
collar yellow
Arabian/Islamitc name. Meaning: little princess
female 20u30
580 gram
collar lila/pink
German name. Meaning: ode to Germania
female 21u30
490 gram
collar red
Polish name. Feminin form of Olek. Meaning: protector of mankind
Pedigree of the O-litter:

Konan XXV
Colonel Klink Greeneyes

Rubric Bear of Steel Cross

Silver Rock Midnight Simba

Zeena VII
Bold Buck of Silver Rock
Gilas Born in the USA

Von Eichman's Mischief Maker

Black Mountain Ranger of Gila
Jodel's the Phantom

Gretchen's Black Gold of Gila

Ironshield of Steelcross

Ebony of Steelcross
Zeus Donanfer

Onyx Movie Star

Aristima Blue Thunder of Gentlebears Aristima Blue Arctic Spirit

Gentlebears Saintly Tiger at GlebevonWood
Golden Lady of the Mist from Aristima

Asoka Marquesa of Llanrose Asoka Jazz Man
Awedistra's Jairha de la Prolingée

Asoka Black Juni

Abben Beefcake Abben Brecan

Settleborn Ebony of Awedistra
Fayrelander Bramble Rose for Abben

Settleborn Pia Abben Bearhug

Wurzburg Cracker
Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page: Jairha as a pup